Building European Democracy

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Building European Democracy is an Erasmus+-project where the Danish organisation Democracy in Europe Organisation, the Croatian organisation Crosol and the Belgium organisation Europahuis Ryckevelde together will work together to strengthen the European debate from 2022-2024.

Together we will strengthen the debate and cooperation across Croatia, Belgium and Denmark. We will focus on two topics that are highly important in the European cooperation. The first topic we will focus on is the green transition in the EU where we will take a closer look at how areas such as energy, transportation and agriculture can contribute to the green transition in the EU. The second topic is rule of law where we will take a closer look at the challenges that the European Union experiences in some European member states at the moment and how we can strengthen the rule of law in the future.

During the next two years we will publish to e-books and invite you to online debates and workshops that focus on the two topics. All acitivies and material will be available on this webpage.


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Democracy in Europe Organisation

The Democracy in Europe Organisation (DEO) is a Danish liberal adult education organisation working to promote a participatory European democracy. DEO strives to engage the general public in a nuanced debate on European politics and on the European Union by making public meetings, books, education material and study trips to European countries.

We are independent of political parties and EU bodies. We have no specific political agenda but aim to raise political questions, address problems and discuss European issues in our debates. We strive to engage the public in EU-matters and aim to create the framework for a rich democratic debate. Read more on our website or have a look at our Facebook.

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Europahuis Ryckevelde

Europe House Ryckevelde wants all generations to take part in shaping their Europe, based on an informed and balanced opinion. Therefore the organisation tailor-makes information about the EU and European current issues for students, youngsters and adults and trains their democratic skillsso that they all become active European citizens who participate at EU-level 

The non-profit organisation Ryckevelde was founded in 1956 and is active in Flanders, Belgium (in Dutch). The organisation also offers lectures, activities and workshops. Do you want to know more? Have a look at our websitefacebook or Instagram.

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Croatian Platform for International Citizen Solidarity (CROSOL) is a network of 30 civil society organisations active in the fields of international development cooperation, sustainable future and global citizen education. Our values include freedom of assembly and expression, equality, global solidarity and interculturality. We aim to engage citizens, decision makers and activists all over Europe through education, advocacy and debate in order to create a just, inclusive, equitable and sustainable society for all.

More information about our activities and projects is available on our websiteFacebookInstagram and Twitter.

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